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Heaven's Gate & Hell's flames

“Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames” is a live high impact dramatic performance involving special sound and visual effects, elaborate stage sets, costumes, and a cast and crew of 50 people. The play begins with the crucifixion of Jesus and depicts His resurrection victory over Satan. The focus then turns to the Gates of Heaven and the coming Judgment where everyone will one day stand before God. A series of vignettes follow depicting people from various walks of life who suddenly and unexpectedly die. Some of them are prepared, others are not. The play graphically depicts the blessedness of meeting Jesus at the Gates of Heaven and the horror of facing eternity in Hell.

Reality Outreach Ministries, Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames is a touring evangelistic production that has been performed worldwide in over one hundred countries and in twenty thousand locations.


"Where will you be when reality strikes?" If you are not sure, please do not miss this production.

Bring a friend, Bring someone you love, This professional Presentation will change lives!


This was an amazing 4 performance event. Thank you to all who participated and all who attended. Lives were changed!  Stay tuned because we are looking forward to doing this again soon! 


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